"Beating the Odds"

Medical miracles. Life in space. Unlimited energy. SCIENCE AT THE EDGE, a new documentary series, takes viewers on a fantastic journey, guided by men and women pushing science beyond the boundaries to a future that's just being invented. The edge of tomorrow is taking shape now... in labs where lasers spark lightning bolts, in hospitals where spinal implants help the paralyzed walk again, and in deep space where comet-chasing robots are racing to grab real-live stardust and bring it back to Earth.

Science at the EdgeDiscover medicine so advanced it's practiced only by doctors who dare the impossible: Oxygen-charged liquids used to "drown" dying patients in order to save their lives. Micro-robots that can swim through veins, killing invaders and keeping their hosts alive. Nerve transmitters that put quadriplegics on their feet again. And 3D replicators that perfectly reproduce any human body part.

Executive produced and directed by Jim McQuillan
Written by Rob Goldberg
Co-produced by Jim McQuillan and Greg Vogel

SCIENCE AT THE EDGE will amaze and inspire you. Get a glimpse of tomorrow — today.

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