"Quest for K2," a six part series for National Geographic Channel. The series focuses on the human drama, history, science, exploration and challenges of the men and women who dare to conquer the "Killer Mountain," K2.

Quest for K2 More than 28,000 feet high, K2 has taken the lives of more climbers than any other mountain. Located in the Himalayan wilderness, K2 has drawn mountaineers, adventurers and athletes since it was discovered by British explorers in the 19th century.

Six half hour-long episodes, "Savage Mountain," "Death Zone," "Conquering the Mountain,""Path to the Summit,""Surviving the Summit,"and "K2 Forever" reveal the mountain's savage nature and irresistible lure through personal stories, historical accounts, and footage taken by climbers from the U.S. and around the world, including England, Italy, Chile, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Russia, Australia and the Netherlands. The series includes rare footage never seen before on television, including vivid sequences of the natural history of K2. The series can also be seen as three hour-long episodes, "Killer Mountain," "Summit Fever," and "Surviving the Mountain." The "Vertical Limit" DVD includes a "Quest for K2" featurette about the first Americans to summit K2 and live.

"K2 is the most dynamic, deadly and challenging mountain in the world," said FilmOasis Series Producer Jim McQuillan. "The legends of those who have survived its slopes-or perished trying to reach its summit-are tales of ambition and obsession. K2 is a glorious backdrop against which stories of life and death are played out."

Photo Credit: Carlos Buhler

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