The Undetectables


"We're here to save you from your home"

THE UNDETECTABLES - Premieres on Discovery Channel
The Real Animal House, Monday, July 25 at 4:00 PM ET/PT
Little House of Horrors, Tuesday, July 26 at 4:00 PM ET/PT
Saving Dad, Wednesday, July 27 at 4:00 PM ET/PT
Superheroes of the Gross, Thursday, July 28 at 4:00 PM ET/PT

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Every home has a secret. Under the floors, behind the bedroom walls, there is an alien place, populated by millions of creatures--some bizarre... some disgusting... some downright lethal! Welcome to the world of Discovery Channel's new limited series, THE UNDETECTABLES, premiering March 1 at 8:00 PM ET/PT. In four fast-paced episodes, airing Tuesdays throughout the month, the ground-breaking program uncovers the microscopic and unseen world--everything you were afraid to find out that lives in your home--from germs to bacteria, from salmonella to toxic mold... not to mention the bugs.

Half reality show, half "Fantastic Voyage," the series employs a dynamic SWAT team for the invisible world - five experts who are charged with seeking out the dangers of a microbial realm that exists right inside our homes. They've been called "the Superheroes of the Gross": PJ Aspuria, the microbiologist; Steve Sandalis, the contractor; Dr. Marc Reidl, specialist in allergens and immunology; Chris Hardie, pest expert; and mold specialist Rich Valdez. Swabbing and testing every room and surface, they use the latest in high-tech gadgetry--from thermal scanners, to the Crimescope forensic light... plus the unparalleled computer graphics of Zoic Studios (the company that creates the special effects for the hit series CSI: Miami).

Investigating from the basement to the rafters, the high-energy experts give home invasions a whole new meaning... From a 100-year-old Arts-and-Crafts Bungalow to a college frat house, THE UNDETECTABLES reveal to the unsuspecting residents the home they never dreamed was there - their real home. Did you know...

  • That there are 200 times more fecal bacteria on the average person's cutting board than their toilet seat. In many case, they'd do better to make their sandwiches on top of the toilet seat.
  • Dust in our homes can be made of up to 80% dust mites- microscopic creatures that feed on the more than one million skin cells we shed each hour.
  • That every time you flush the toilet, it's an eruption of microbes... sending a shower of microscopic particles up to 20 feet away... and coating the entire bathroom...

THE UNDETECTABLES... more than just a reality show... a hyper-reality show... bringing to life a world most people didn't even realize was there....

Produced for Discovery Channel by FilmOasis, Inc. in association with Uncle Film+TV. The program's executive producers are James McQuillan, Robert Goldberg and Eric Bonniot. For Discovery Channel, Tomi Landis is executive producer. 

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